Academic Policy Committee

The governing body of Aquarian Charter School is the Academic Policy Committee (APC).  Parents, teachers, and staff members comprise the APC.  At regular monthly meetings, the APC decides issues including budget, policy, and curriculum.  They make decisions that are important to the school’s success, and help to create our unique learning environment.  We believe this sets Aquarian apart from other Anchorage School District schools.


All parents are welcome to attend the meetings and also to view each meeting’s agenda, which is posted 48 hours prior to the meeting on our school entrance doors and in the office.  The beginning of each meeting is reserved for parents to speak to the APC on any subject of interest or concern. Elections for open APC seats are held each February.  Parents interested in serving on his important board are encouraged to run for an open seat.



Next APC Meeting at 5:45 in the Library:  February 13, 2018 @ 12pm

                                                                    March 26, 2018










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